Official Bee Face Mask Nope Nope Yep School Secretary 2020 shirt

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Guys have a Official Bee Face Mask Nope Nope Yep School Secretary 2020 shirt segment with DanHarris and he talks a little bit aboutBuddhism and meditation you guyspractice meditation or any of thoseprinciples in your own lives or anythingto keep you in the present so we need weneed to pick the answers Ryan yes nextquestion you can’t tweet that yes no II’m not gonna be able to come up with atweetable answer on the spot like that’salrightno no no worries uh I will come up witha couple sentence answer yes I meditateevery single day even if sometimes it’sfor a minute which I was telling we wereon Dan Harris’s podcast and he was likeso you don’t really follow any rules inlife like I’m like I I don’t follow allthe rules no like I met it Asian formost people was like this 1015 minute Imean even if it’s 60 seconds like I willjust take a minute to breathe and liketo really try and clear my headand sometimes that meant it will turninto 50 minutes and that’s great on theplane right here they had like theheadspace some headspace videos like onthe on the entertainment thing on theairplane and. Value in itthere’s no need to hold on to itobviously once you’ve gotten value fromit because the values in the word is notin the the physical artifact itself youready to move on to the lightning roundyeah so this is a third segment of ourpodcast is the hashtag ask theminimalists lightning round this isfolks on social media they ask us abunch a bunch of questions about youknow whatever they want but it’slightning round questions with longLaundering answers usually so if you ifyou have a question for us or a commentabout how youto handle social media or technologybefore we move on to that just give us acall we’ll have our phone number at theend of this podcast we’d love to hearsome of your tips on how you can improvesocial media and if you have tips forJeff Emily or Richard we’d love to getyour tips for our comment section at theend of the podcast as well so yes wehave a bunch of questions from Twitterat the minimalists yeah Twitter Ryan sohere’s some questions from some folkswho have used the hashtag ask theminimalists AbigailI’m. Either like it was always acrapshoot like when we were

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Official Bee Face Mask Nope Nope Yep School Secretary 2020 shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

Official Bee Face Mask Nope Nope Yep School Secretary 2020 shirt

Official Bee Face Mask Nope Nope Yep School Secretary 2020 shirt

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Things into yourhouse and then reiterate that throughthrough conversation through youractions through example throughout theyear yeah I think what Ryan’s talkingabout you’re basically talking aboutsetting expectations right yeah and andwe need to do that beforehand what’s thesaying you want to kill Godzilla whenhe’s a Official Bee Face Mask Nope Nope Yep School Secretary 2020 shirt baby or as an egg don’t wait tilGodzilla’s taking over the city and Ithink that that applies here too byDecember 26 or the day after thebirthday or the day after the holiday orwhatever it’s almost too late at thatpoint Godzilla has overtaken and thenyou I think dawn on the voicemail saidthat her house looks like Toys R Us andI hope thatbecause there’s like shopping cartseverywhere but she she has a lot ofstuff there now the word that shementioned actually she said someone grayshe said third party clutter yellow Ilove that term it makes me want to writean essay about other people’s clutterand in this case the other people arethe kids and she mentioned guilt likethat well these things don’t belong toher. Youan audio book version of that or ifyou’d prefer an. So I am learning a tonthese days about managing children andthat’s really what what today’s episodeis going to be about and we’re going tostart with what some voicemails yeahthat sounds goodyeah let’s do that we have a couplevoicemails this first one is from dawnhi guys my name is dawn and I am fromColumbus Ohio my question which I’m suretons of parents have all over the worldis how do you battle the clutter thatcomes with kids I have two small kidsfair five and one I have a wonderfulfamily who I love dearly but when itcomes to holidays or even on holidaysthe gift giving is out of control ourbook shelves are stocked full our toyboxes are overflowing our basement isfull our house looks like a Toys R Usfrom waterwall and I have guilt aboutgiving up things that don’t belong to meor things that have just recently beengiven to them as a gift I feel kind ofmean I guess you would say if I try todictate the things that people give orif I return things so I guess I’m justtrying to figure out how you feel thisthird party
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